Rebound Well - Resilience Living in difficult Times


Chartered Psychologist 


CPsychol., (Res Educ) BPS

Academic Background:

MSc. Soc. Research Methods 

BSc. Psychology (Hons)


(Psychology /Health & Social Care)


Holistic Well-being Coaching

Holistic Wellbeing -
Self Empowering Coaching Program

ReboundWell is a dedicated  holistic approach to well being, coaching helping to use collection of strategies and tools for negotiating personal experience to bounce back from  setbacks in a way that is designed to increase sense of  purpose direction and progress as you  explore your life.  Based on study, experience and  learning and experimentation and all borne of personal necessity 

With the continually fulfilling of  multiple complex responsibilities it is easy to experience feelings of inadequacy, fell at a low ebb and self doubt.  With changes and challenges we may feel a sense of loss of purpose  or motivation in the everyday, especially when things are tough find.  Additional  new changes and setbacks can leave us feeling out of balance emotionally, physically, or spiritual, and unable to adapt  psychologically which threatens our sense of self or self control.  Alongside the challenges  be it Physically fit, Emotionally balanced, Spiritual attuned,  Socially connected or feel  mentally sound.The coaching approach stems from  facing major and at times a series of minor setbacks and the need  for a more holistic approach to wellbeing for balance, and to redefine direction, find purpose and accelerate progress.  

When  our cup feels like it is overflowing,  we feel anxious or overwhelmed and we can even start to worry when things go right…after they have gone wrong for a period of time instead of resting.  Whatever the challenges we face often we need a re-direction of energy to experience the positive among the negative, and a sometimes a safe place or space to start the self healing process for wounds picked up along the way. We may even a need to re-establishing a stable lasting positive identity is  a good foundation for decision making.

Knowing where to start can be daunting.  This site is dedicated to building foundations of holistic wellbeing that foster the ability to rebound well from challenges you face which bring uncertainty, self doubt and self identity depreciation to re balance body mind and soul as a basis for rebounding well.

The wellbeing style is developed to help you with self-understanding and to facilitate your reconnection to your true origin of self,  enable  growth and confidence  in  your self  and begin to tap into that potential to overcome setback. The innovative coaching tools  offer help you to clarify direction and knowledge of how to progress , with a clearer sense of purpose and direction it is easier to bounce back from setbacks.


Health & Wellbeing Coach

 (BPS) British Psychological Society

Instructor Qualifications:

Bellicon Fitness Instructor


Rebound Therapist (MRTI &  NASC)

Member of Rebound Therapy Institute and National Association of Sports Coaches

About me


When i really started my reboundwell journey as I see it, it was with no idea who or what I was or sense of purpose, but a real need to know.  I now know there are people out there who get that.   I had been searching for direction and a  break from the endless treadmill of lifes difficulties which barely left time to find out anything…The  break came with permission to down tools, which was with the diagnosis of cancer admittedly, but that finally allowed me//forced me to cut myself some slack.…they do say be careful what you wish for.   Suddenly forced to confront my mortality.. I examined the idea and it seemed to boil down to  one final theme..Was I really going out without doing what I came to do whatever that was, and was it worth pursing with the uncertainty of yet another year and more operations…and then i considered start anyway…what else are your going to do..sit and worry and wait and worry. 

That was the new beginning ..of faith of beginning to hear myself….the doubts fears hopes, dreams…if i had 5 years…what i would dare to do.   i learned to listen laying there, firstly to myself and what was really important to me…later I found other less painful tools for self exploration and discovery that It is my passion to share.  I feel the call and as I heard someone say to share 

” now I encourage..not as a bystander on the sidelines, watching others run the race, or as a finisher who has completed the race, but as a fellow runner who is running the course of  life.  I dont have all the answers, but sch as i have I  offer.