Rebound Well - Bounce Back ability

About me

My real  qualifications is my lifelong journey for self identity  of purpose amidst often times  overwhelming circumstances and experiences that quite frankly threatened to overwhelm completely.   I now know there are people out there who get that.   I had been searching for direction and a  break from the endless treadmill of life/s difficulties which barely left time to find out and ask question I  really needed answering to bring order, sense and purpose to all these experiences.  I was granted some much needed time out to to bring all aspects of my life into balance, but that break  was not what I was expecting.

The  break which came with permission to down tools,  was with the diagnosis of aggressive cancer. Hardly the break you might think,  but that finally forced me to cut myself some slack.…they do say be careful what you wish for.  Suddenly forced to confront my mortality.. I examined the idea and it seemed to boil down to  one final I faced the big question (for me)…was I really going to check out without ..a sense of fullfilment , ..of doing what I came to do?  whatever that was, .This turned out to be what I feared most when the chips were down.

That was the new beginning of getting serious about…whoever the heck I was , or was going to be and do whatever the heck I was going to spend the rest of my life in doing, and enjoy it.  The beginning of becoming, and of discovering and developing the right combination of coaching tools to shape the journey


Health & Wellbeing Coach

(BPS) British Psychological Society

Rebound Therapist 


Member of Rebound Therapy Institute and National Association of Sports Coaches

Bounce-Back Wellbeing

This coaching centres on Self kindness and re-connecting with and listening to and  yourself.   Its just a better place to start from when seeking to bring about any change, however big or small, whatever your are dealing with.

It is easy to experience feelings of inadequacy and self doubt when need to make  changes to meet challenges we feel we should or even used to  be able to cope better.  Most of us just need to cut ourself some slack, take some time out to focus on themself and (with a little support) bounce back to a good place.  This is what this coaching is for.  I work with people who encounter problems that arise when unexpected changes and reverses come,  motivation is difficult,  self identity questioned,  and confidence is threatened or takes a beating. All this can leave us emotionally, physically, or spiritual, depleted, even socially disconnected and mentally vulnerable.

Holistic Well-being Coaching

Rebound-Well Coaching is based on experience of all this and not just study and learning and all bourne out of personal necessity in difficult times…and lets face it, we all have them.

Rebound Well provides a safe place or space to start your own rebound well journey and begin  to develop and use strategies and tools for negotiating your personal experience. The aim is to develop a real and sustainable bounce back ability. 

 This is what I believe we all need and can have.


(CPsychol) Chartered Psychologist  

(BPS) British Psychological Society 

MSc. Soc. Research Methods

BSc. Psychology (Hons)


(Psychology /Health & Social Care)