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What is Reboundwell Coaching?

Coaching to help you bounce back from setbacks

  1. Providing Professional and Successful Non Judgmental Coaching to help you recover and progress in any area of life that matters to you.
  2. Supporting your progress towards achieving sustainable sense of wellbeing  amid trial or challenge in any area of life.
  3. Assisting you re-connect with and firmly establish foundational values as a basis for bounce back ability, to positively impacting your sense of wellbeing and rebound-well identity. 
  4.  Helping  to establish strategies to reduce anxiety in an area so you can experience peace and calm , despite life’s ups and downs/highs and lows, big and small challenges.
  5. Offering valuable and affordably priced support (for those genuinely on Low incomes)  in navigate difficulty and moveing forward with a good sense of wellbeing.



Coaching Length: 7 Sessions.

I honestly thought that talking about myself was self indulgent, and that coaching was for Americans with too much money, and so started skeptical. If anyone had told me that talking to someone cold have such a profound affect I wouldn't have believed it. I honestly thought that talking about myself was self indulgent, and that coaching was. 2 stone weight loss later and a completely altered mind set
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B k. East Berkshire 54
Coaching Length 12 weeks

I was devastated after my long time marriage broke down and ended in divorce. I was bitter, angry and it seemed I would never be able to move on. Not only did coaching enable me to see a way forward with hope, but I also had a spiritual awakening. I now embrace a greater foundation and self identity and purpose based on a developing understanding of myself and my relationship with loving Heavenly Father that allowed me to move forward with greater positivity, perspective of my trials and greater inner peace I never thought I could have.
Kelvin Black 38
From England
Coaching Length: 7 sessions.

I found my real passion and am now pursing a life and career I never knew I really wanted until i had coaching with Rosi. I had been caring for my sick mother for 10 years and had lost my sense of self and direction. Honestly, I knew after the first session that this was the Godsend I was waiting for to turn my life around. Rosi helped me explore my Seek Faith and find direction (even though this is not her faith)
indian, girl, woman-4132033.jpg
Jinta Swan 27

From England
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