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Holistic Well-being Coaching

Holistic Wellbeing Coaching

ReboundWell is a dedicated  holistic approach to well being.   The rebound wellbeing services provides tools to help you to bounce back from  setbacks to Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Social wellbeing.  The approach to wellbeing allows you to explore challenges to your wellbeing in context of exploring overall self identity and life purpose.  

Why Rebound Wellbeing

The approach stems from  facing major and at times a series of minor setbacks, and the need  for a more holistic approach to wellbeing to avoid overwhelm.  Change or crisis often requires the ability to bounce back and to re-orientate, and  even  to redefine self.   By establishing your unique and authentic stable self-identify  and purpose  supplies a foundation from which to  bounce back with greater and accelerated progress, and purpose.

The wellbeing courses are designed to help you with self-understanding and to facilitate your reconnection to your true origin of self,  enable  growth and confidence  and begin to tap into that potential to overcome setbacks and challenges to wellbeing.. The innovative coaching tools  offer help  to clarify direction and aid progress and  to establish a clearer sense of purpose and direction so it is easier to bounce back from setbacks. 

Spiritual Awakening - Stable Foundations of Self Identity

Who Am I?   When things change as they inevitably do, we may be left questioning if we have a stable self identity.  We can feel  quite unsettled by our choices and at the mercy of outside forces and pressures and influence and not know where to turn.

This course explores idea of a spiritual basis for  identity,  by establishing a stable and largely unexplored inner spiritual foundation of self as a basis for rebounding from setbacks,  providing a purposeful and meaningful view of challenge and providing foundation for decision making and life progress.

Physical Wellbeing -Inside Out
Spiritual Weight Management Program

This course involves exploring aspects of Spiritual self Identity as a foundations  to weight management.  In this holistic approach to wellbeing, after exploring the spiritual foundations to self you will explore using some basic techniques for self awareness coaching to expose and reflect on factors surrounding emotional eating, and learn how to effectively deal with these.  You will explore the soul body relationship to improve your overall sense of wellbeing and impact your weight management.  You will also be able to engage in a physical bounce back program for fitness and simplify your eating of your favourite healthy foods.

Use this original and bespoke programme of self discovery to help overcome unhelpful and fearful effects on wellbeing habits.  As you progress you will expereince self enlightenment relating to factors affecting and even undermining your weight loss journey as you become more self aware. 

Direction and Purpose focused Coaching

Where Are you Going? Purpose Discovery makes it easier to direct action. Knowing your destination is key to feeling of purpose and an aid to overcoming setbacks and rebounding well and avoiding despondency and fatigue as you face lifes ups and downs. Reconcile the big and small picture of your life and enjoy both the everyday tasks and wider purpose on your journey by combining this unique coaching tool with your foundation understanding of your self identity.

This tried and tested coaching tool will jump start your journey and quickly progress your purpose.   

By  providing techniques to help you to expose your true values, and strengths to use in pursuing your direction you can begin to shape and appreciate your unique and authentic contribution the the world around you.  

Course Pre-requisite: N/A

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