ReboundWell Focus


Weight Loss


Expose and get in touch with a your hidden emotions surronding the foods you eat and the lies that keep yo from getting what really feeds and norishes your body.

  I have had 6 session of coahing and lost 23 lbs to date. Coaching has given me hope when I thought that was it for me.. I wold stay in bed most days, now i walk and socialize with neighgbors. Wold have nevr thoght this could work.

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Reslience

Discover tools to regularly unlock your devine origin,  expereince your authentic self-idenity and use it as an effective foundation to bounce back from setbacks, see challenges as opportunities to grow so you rebound  quickly to a view of confidence and optimism.

  Add spiritually based Identity to develop techniques to reconcile the big and small picture of your life and enjoy both the everyday tasks and wider purpose on your journey by combining this unique coaching tool with your foundation understanding of your self identity.

Direction and Purpose

Purpose and Direction & Focused Coaching

Have a lot on yor plate just providing what is needed and lost track of what really drives and motivates you.
Discover and know your purpose and direction so you can stay on course with your own self development

 Purpose and Direction coaching wil help you to quickly progress.  The coaching technique is designed to expose true values and desires to construct a vision on which to set realistic goals and move forward, combined with free strengths training you will soon appreciate and begin to realize your unique and authentic contribution that you make to the world around you.