Cravings and Body Language

Is this really what  my body needs?

Demystifying cravings and relearning to read my own body language.  

When I was hit by an unexpected ice cream craving, this was a good opportunity to practice a strategy in the Emotional Awareness Toolkit to explore what my Ice cream Craving revealed, about what my body really wants at such a time.

The Mind-Body Re-Connection

Noticing what is behind the scene of the craving, out of focus for the  present is a good place to start reconnecting body and mind cravings.

Accompanying cravings I experience a sudden fear response that instantly has me feeling uneasy as I review past cravings and assess my resolve and will power. in the face of this seeming ‘image of paradise’ as it was presents itself.

What is really behind the craving
3 KEYs – Unpacking the Craving
Context: Taking stock, is  just taking time to realize how I feel, including about my environment, physical state and activity engaged in. 
 Craving: Employing Logic I asked myself first to describe the craving and then what I was feeling.
Imagery /Associations: Allowing myself to imagine the ice cream I was able to ask some questions and get to some answers.3

Bringing the Background into Focus and Getting to what is behind the Craving to 

 Taking time  to process emotions revealed the less threatening desire rather than the counterfeit craving

Subjective Experience & Self Coaching Application

What was the context ?  it was a very bright spring day. It was also the end of a long work day filled in which I had been in all day and I felt tired and with less energy than when I started.  Ready to down tools!

What I was craving or needing  ? to was the cold, refreshing, liquid  sensation sweetness and change/lightening up  or reward

The image and association was with relaxing, summer break treat and reward at the end of a long period of work

Practice Makes Perfect

It has begun to occur to me much quicker these days to allow myself time to pause for thought, and rather to  than dwell on what doubts about resolve, the focus is on the craving  itself and unpacking it.

Questions to further unpack the craving

Q. What other sweet foods are a real treat? 

Q. What else do I feel is cold or cooling when consumed?

Q.  Are there other foods I like that is high in water (wet) and refreshing?

What other things are associated with relaxing, summer break treat

Nourish and Hydration Foods

Come to think of it, not a drop of water or liquid had passed my lips for the day.  I can see now how many times I have simply misinterpreted the messages my body has been trying to send me as I have been out of touch.  I Feel the more I give my body what it needs the clearer it speaks to me.

Why not try the Emotional Self Awareness technique today and start seeing results as you begin to understand your Cravings and Body Language.

Healthy Eating Mission accomplished another small win Yey! It all helps

So what did I end up eating?
had Pineapple (which for me is spelt paradise) and a glass of water…this took care of that craving nicely (without the sickly sweet sugar and the guilt and necessary weight loss after) and with the added bonus of lifting my mood and sense of triumph.  I treated myself to another helping!