How Many Traits of Resilient People do You Possess?


1. I  have an arsenal of good supportive habits that help me recharge and re-energize because I know this helps me bounce back from setbacks.

2. I enlist a team of support because I acknowledging I will always need help.

3. I cultivate self-aware of my mental, physical and emotional needs because I know this is important in wellbeing

4. I practice Self-acknowledgement of my own suffering.

5. I know my boundaries of temporary states of being (emotions) and my core permanent identity

6. I am willing to sit in silence because I am complete without the necessity of reacting to every outward drama

7. I know I don’t have all the answers, but systematically begin to problem solve with minimum stress knowing it can take time.

8. I am willing to consider other possibilities and perspectives. style

9. I know how to expel confusing thoughts to clarify thinking using methods such as meditation and even journalling


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